Visions of Public Art

Visions of Public Art is an exhibition of imagined public art installations in Rochester, New York. As the proposed installations are all in theory, there are no physical, budgetary, or legal restraints on their design. The final exhibition will consist of a curated series of proposals on display at the Little Theatre, 240 East Avenue.

Participating Artists:
Annalisa Barron
Gareth Fitzgerald Barry
Marian Cameron
Sam Castner and Lindsey Dean
Cecily Culver
Kelsea Ennis
Michael Gaffney
Nicole Guse
Adam Kujawski
John Lang
Chris Malloy
Laurie Monahan
Nancy Rourke
Jason Wilder
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Event Details
    Exhibition Hours

    Thursday 1-5pm
    Friday 1-9pm
    Saturday 1-5pm