Urban Pictograms

Michael Goldman/Consolidated Studios (San Francisco, CA / b. Rochester, NY) considers himself part craftsman, part entertainer and part teacher. Employing ample humor Urban Pictograms expand upon his early signage experiments from San Francisco which made obvious some of the darker aspects of gentrification, technophilia and economic stratification facing The Bay Area. His works use common municipal signage materials and standardized design conventions to engage the public. Goldman created four custom graphics specific to Rochester’s physical and cultural landscape. Typical pictograms provide a common, nonverbal language to transmit information to city residents and visitors regardless of their native language. Each of Goldman’s pictograms use this familiar style yet point out some of the complex, nuanced and troublesome experiences that can result when different communities interact. A user’s key to the project is featured in State of the City at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Visitors are also encouraged to find Goldman’s Urban Pictograms along East Ave. and Main St. between Prince St. and King St.
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