Games for Windows

Games for Windows: Experiments with Game Footage is a store-front window exhibition curated by Nilson Carroll at The Liquor Store in Rochester, NY. Expanding the tradition of cinema and games, each artist uses various gestures of play to create experimental video art from video game footage. These videos work through issues of sexism in popular culture, gun-related violence, modes of queering, mainstream ludic binaries, and intimacy in games by taking radical approaches to the formal qualities of video games. Relieved of their performative, neo-liberal gameplay hierarchies, the game footage and graphics in these videos are imbued with new meanings, difficult questions, and unfamiliar aesthetics. By presenting these works together in an ongoing public viewing space, images and actions familiar to game players constantly shift and create new dialogues between the monitors as well as between games culture, the art world, and the pedestrians of Rochester. This exhibition is one of many in the 2019 Current Scene series running October through November.


Participating Artists:
Sandra Araújo
Jordan Baruch (Long Island, NY)
Rob Cigna (Rochester, NY)
Heidi E. Cooper (Vietnam)
Kasey Edgerton (Rochester, NY)
Cody Filardi (Rochester, NY)
Kara Gut (Ohio)
Thomas Hawranke (Germany)
Alex Hovet (New York, NY)
Matthew Keff (Brooklyn, NY)
Ryan Keller (Long Island, NY)
Eddie Lohmeyer (Orlando, Florida)
Robin Mendoza (Albany, NY)
Drew Mounce (Long Island, NY)
Karl Munstedt (Brooklyn, NY)
Tara Nelson (Rochester, NY)
Joshua Thorson (Rochester/Brooklyn)
Bloody Noes (Rochester, NY)
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