Dialogue: Curating Today

The term “curating” has become common parlance in the business world and in the popular culture. Retailers tell us they curate their inventory. Coffee roasters and craft brewers tell us curate their raw materials. Our friends tell us they curate everything from their flip-flops to their TV programming. Curating in arts organizations is far more than simply picking and choosing what’s popular, what looks nice or what fits the space. Curation is about telling stories by displaying objects that express ideas in a thoughtful, compelling and accessible manner. New questions are being asked about what stories deserve to be told. What materials should be included? Under what auspices should certain stories be told? What are the best ways engage diverse audiences & the community at large? What goes into working with artists, organizations, etc. to realize a project?

Come prepared for a lively discussion about the process of curation and the stories behind the stories at Current Seen 2019.
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