Avatar Poetics

*Screening on Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays

Avatar Poetics is a program of videos by artists who use animation, digitally mediated modes of performance, and computer-generated characters to explore themes of the virtual ‘self’ as it relates to queerness, cyberfeminism, fantasy world-building, and the erotics, horrors and absurdities of the digital body adrift across the contemporary media/social landscape. In addition to five recent works, screened in compilation on Wed., Fri., & Sun., this exhibition is presented alongside (on alternating days) Remembrance of Things Fast: True Stories Visual Lies, 1994 by John Maybury (b. 1958, London). 

Avatar Poetics is curated by Sean Capone and features the following works:

Anna Kavan: The Living End, 2017 by Matthew Weinstein (b. 1964, New York; lives & works in Brooklyn, NY)

Take Karaoke: A Proposition for Performance Art, 2015 by Wickerham & Lomax (b. 1986, Columbus, OH / Abbeville, SC; both live & work Baltimore, MD

Until The End of the World, 2017 by Carla Gannis (Brooklyn, NY)

Utopia Process, 2018 by Wang Chen (b. 1991, China; lives & works in New York City)

Sharing Lazy Gains, 2013 and Spots (various), 2016-present by Mores McWreath (Brooklyn, NY)
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    Exhibition Hours

    Wednesday 12-5pm
    Friday 12-9pm
    Sunday 12-5pm