Games for Windows

Games for Windows: Experiments with Game Footage is a new exhibition curated by Nilson Carroll. Expanding the tradition of cinema and games, these artists use various gestures of play to create experimental video art from video game footage.

Participating Artists:
Sandra Ara├║jo
Jordan Baruch (Long Island, NY)
Rob Cigna (Rochester, NY)
Heidi E. Cooper (Vietnam)
Kasey Edgerton (Rochester, NY)
Cody Filardi (Rochester, NY)
Kara Gut (Ohio)
Thomas Hawranke (Germany)
Alex Hovet (New York, NY)
Matthew Keff (Brooklyn, NY)
Ryan Keller (Long Island, NY)
Robin Mendoza (Albany, NY)
Drew Mounce (Long Island, NY)
Karl Munstedt (Brooklyn, NY)
Tara Nelson (Rochester, NY)
Joshua Thorson (Rochester/Brooklyn)
Bloody Noes (Rochester, NY)
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